Well, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to write in our native tounge.

Also werden wir ab jetzt unsere Beiträge auf deutsch verfassen.

Außerdem gehört jetzt auch die Kategorie Games dazu, in der wir über unsere Erfahrungen mit Spielen (Computer- wie Konsolenspiele) sprechen.

Also seid gespannt, denn zumindest ich werde versuchen, jetzt öfter zu schreiben.

Well, since I started using SAP, there is one aspect of developing ABAP programs, which is quite questionable. It’s the double-klick used in the ABAP Editor (transaction SE80), which I will refer to as AE.
In the AE the double-klick isn’t used the same way as normal Windows programs use it. Normally, you would mark a word if you double-klick on it. In the AE you would jump to the definition of a variable or form.

This was at first frustrating, because I was accustomed to mark the word. After a while, I got used to it. So now, I wish other developing tools would go the same way. I find it rather intuitive to double-klick on a variable to go to it’s definition instead of hitting a F-key (can’t remember which one, guess it was F4 or F6 in most IDEs?).

But then again: you would have always the part where normal text editors (like notepad) would behave differently. And different behaviour with the same action is quite annoying.

In conclusion: it would be best, if the AE didn’t behave the way it does right now. Or perhaps Windows should alter it’s behaviour, not quite sure here. Is there a way to change such a fundamental behaviour in Windows? If you know one, please let me know.

Well, let’s get started. At first, I’d like you to know what we are going to blog about and what not.

We are both developers and so a main aspect will be programming. Since we work in different sectors you, dear reader, will be presented with various topics.

I’d say, it’s safe to say that we are both geeks of some kind. We like our technical gadgets (or maybe even love? 🙂 ) and will be posting our experiences with some of them.

And last but not least there is a special category named “Administrative”. Infos or updates concerning the blog itself are definately going to be found in here.

What we are not blogging about: personal stuff (except when it’s about something technical 😉 ). Well and I guess it’s fair to say: anything else … Maybe we’re discussing games in here, but we’re not quite sure about that.

So in conclusion: have fun 😉