About ijiro

Well, who am I? The all important question, isn’t it 😉

My name is Alain Sarti, I currently live in Wiesbaden, Germany. I work for a software company called SEIBERT//MEDIA/ as a software developer.

Writing code isn’t just a job, it’s also something I like to do in my free time. Besides my fascination with Lego, Model Kits (for example Gundam) and miniatures. And I really enjoy playing tabletop and pen & paper roleplay games. Speaking about games: I also love playing computer games (nowadays mostly on my gaming PC).
Oh and I love comics, TV shows and movies.

These are way too many hobbies to be able to devote too much time to each one, as you can imagine. So I constantly try to juggle between all of them (well, more or less successfully 😉 ).

And to round out my fascinations and interests: I’m a passionate home cook, I like good alcohol and I have a secret obsession with workspaces (well, I can spend hours watching pictures and videos about other people’s working environments).


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